At Nolands we work on the basis that proactivity is one’s best approach to tax, in both personal and business compliance. This means keeping a vigilant eye on ever-shifting tax legislation and understanding and predicting its effects. It also means knowing what’s in the pipeline, and what Revenue’s future intentions are.

Tax legislation is complicated and nuanced. What is more, every industry has its own sea of challenges which are only properly navigated by informed and experienced specialists.

This ear-to-the-ground approach, and the early information sharing with clients, is one of the aspects that differentiates our approach.

The other is in knowing our clients, their businesses and their commercial objectives. Only in this way can we gather data, do research and present the most efficient tax strategies

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Corporate Tax Management

Nolands Tax is excellently positioned to advise you on all aspects of your Corporate Tax obligations. We will advise you on how to restructure your current operations to be more tax efficient, investigate the tax consequences on specific transactions or advise on the tax effects of proposed business deals.

On a general level, Nolands Tax helps clients put processes in place to not only stay abreast of amendments in tax legislation but also proactively review their tax exposure to ensure that they benefit from all opportunities available to them. Effective Tax Risk Management is largely about forward planning, implementing Corporate Governance procedures and anticipating problems before they arise. Nolands Tax can design the appropriate systems for your company.
Tax Risk Insurance
Dispute Resolution
Estate Planning and Administration
Indirect Tax
Individual Tax
International tax and transfer pricing