The terms of reference of the Davis Tax Committee (DTC) in general required the Committee “to inquire into the role of the tax system in the promotion of inclusive economic growth, employment creation, development and fiscal sustainability”, and in particular as it relates to value-added tax (“VAT”), to give specific attention to:


…efficiency and equity. In this examination, the advisability and effectiveness of dual rates, zero rating and exemptions must be considered”


Since 1994 South African fiscal policy has placed little emphasis on wealth taxes, save for recent increases in the rates of transfer duty and estate duty. Given the disturbing levels of wealth inequality in South Africa, a taxation system that would ignore such disparities of wealth will lack the important requirement of legitimacy in the tax system.


The Davis Tax Committee (DTC) has announced the conclusion of its work and the publication of the following four final reports:

  1. VAT (replaces the first VAT report);
  2. Corporate income tax (CIT);
  3. Public benefit organisations (PBO’s);
  4. Wealth


In plain terms, it is an investment vehicle that can save you a significant amount of tax.

What all tax breaks try to do is to influence behaviour. How, where and when you invest can and will be influenced by existing tax legislation. And in so doing, government is then in turn able to achieve some of its socio-economic objectives.

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