Vac Work Applications

Each year, Nolands has limited number of Vac work opportunities to students across the country, in various centres. It is an intensive 1 week programme, structured to give you a very close view of what the work and the environment entails. It is pressurised and deliberately so.

Afterwards, we guarantee you that you will feel stronger, more confident and a lot more qualified. A bit like boot camp for your brain and temperament. You’ll also enjoy it, make new friends and earn some money.

For us, it’s a chance to get to know you. For you, it’s a chance to experience what makes Nolands different . Space is limited and we will only consider candidates who we feel are genuinely considering Nolands as a firm at which to do their traineeship. The questions below are designed to help us reach that conclusion. If you’re serious about Nolands, you’ll find we’re serious about  you - and your career.


Application deadline 31 May 2018